Open Canvas 6 Crack + Patch

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Open Canvas 6 Crack + Patch;

Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael are the names of those majestic artist who introduced a new vision and style to the art of painting and designs. This group of artists from high renaissance was ahead of their contemporary time period.

Open Canvas 6 Crack + Patch

Artists dream of achieving such majesty in their works which they see in those classics. But digital art is something which makes things really possible for artists. The range, shades, colors and spectrum of that high quality is only available with digital tools. Open Canvas 6 is a wonderful painting software which contains different high quality tools to facilitate the illustrators. Open Canvas 6 is compatible with all Windows operating systems. It is something more than a simple painting tool which comes with Windows.

Important Features of Open Canvas 6

The most entertaining and unique feature of Open Canvas 6 is the option of recording the whole painting project and you can revisit the whole procedure or you can save it a tutorial guide for others. Earlier than this program, people had to use separate applications for screen recording.

OpenCanvas 6 offers a variety of brushes to introduced high quality strokes to the designs and images. You can customize the width of the strokes as well as the color and style. Pen strokes are also available along with different brushes.

Open Canvas 6 offers different filters to enable the users to visualize specific layers at a given time. This feature makes works easier and impressive especially in the case of tracing the drawings.

Open Canvas 6 allows the users to save the project in PSD format. PSD format is the most popular format and mostly the employers demand the end result to be accessible in Photoshop.

There had been some issues with Text and display in the previous versions. All those problems have been fixed in OpenCanvas 6. You can download OpenCanvas 6 by using any of the following links. Best of Luck!

Screen Shots

Open Canvas 6 Crack + Patch

Download Links

x86OpenCanvaS 6  (5.9Mb) | Mirror 1 Mirror 2

x64OpenCanvaS 6 (6.2Mb) | Mirror 1 Mirror 2


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