Google Maps Downloader 8.1 with Serial Key

Google Maps Downloader 8.1 with Serial Key

We are living in the global village and travelling facilities bring us the opportunity to explore the world in a whole new way. But a tour cannot be successful until we know the right places to visit. Google Maps brings us the most credible resource of exploring different locations, buildings, tourist sites, hotels and other landmarks.

Google Maps Downloader 8.1 with Serial Key

Google Maps Downloader 8.1 is one step ahead of Google maps. This application allows the users to download the information about different locations along with the pictures. You simply need to input the location coordinates and rest of the work will be automatically done by Google Maps Downloader  8.1.

How to Use?

The process of downloading the image of any location is quite simple. You just need to input the coordinates, directions and the zoom resolution. This program will download the image of the required location and save it on the Disk. You can use this image later on whenever you want. One exceptional feature of this program is that you can merge different images to customize your own map of a city, village or whatever destination you have in the mind. This program allows you to save these customized maps and you can share them with other people by uploading the maps on the internet.


Certain information which you require about the location must be precise. You have to use the exact coordinate values and directions. This is not a difficult task. You can find the exact coordinates of any location by referring to Google. Keep in mind that Google Maps Downloader 8.1 is designed for private use. The use of these images for commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. The downloading time of the images depends upon the zoom resolution and the size of the area. Overall performance of the program is quite good.

Screen Shots 

Google Maps Downloader 8.1 with Serial Key 1 Google Maps Downloader 8.1 with Serial Key 2

Remember that after the installation of the program you need to disconnect the internet before providing the serial key for registration of Google Maps Downloader 8.1.


Download Google Maps Downloader v8.1 Incl Serial Number size : [8 MB]

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